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Mission and objectives

Reliable, technological, efficient and competitive partner
Mission and objectives

The Ukrainian Resource Exchange was established during the start of modernization processes in Ukraine and raising the standards of activity of organized commodity markets due to the entry into force of the Law of Ukraine “On Capital Markets and Organized Commodity Markets” and the Law of Ukraine “On Commodity Exchanges”.

From the very beginning of the Ukrainian Resource Exchange its participants have focused on the introduction of modern technologies of electronic trading systems of organized markets, full use of electronic document flow at conclusion of exchange transactions (exchange agreements) and their execution, application of corporate governance standards in professional participants of capital markets and organized commodity markets.

Therefore, specialists with many years of experience in the Ukrainian stock market and its exchange segment have been elected to key positions in the management bodies and internal control system of the Ukrainian Resource Exchange.

The mission of the Ukrainian Resource Exchange is to create a reliable, technological, efficient and competitive organized market of timber, agricultural products, fuel and energy resources, raw materials, metals and other types of exchange commodities.

To realize the defined mission the Ukrainian Resource Exchange performs the following tasks:

  • development and implementation of non-discretionary rules and technologies of exchange transactions conclusion, aimed at transparent and competitive pricing of exchange goods;
  • creation of a reliable system of settlements under concluded exchange agreements, mechanisms of guaranteeing and risk management;
  • identification and regulation of exchange prices, ensuring an appropriate level of liquidity in the market of exchange-traded goods admitted to trading on the exchange;
  • expanding the range of exchange-traded commodities and introducing new exchange-traded commodity market instruments;
  • creating hedging opportunities for trading participant against unfavorable price fluctuations through the market organization of government contracts on the exchange;
  • ensuring transparency of the exchange market by creating a clear system of exchange information disclosure.
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